About Diane Ducey

Diane Ducey is all about language learning and having fun! And when she became a mom, she really wanted to help her kids learn and grow by exposing them to a second language. So she dusted off her French degree and began creating  ‘Simple Songs That Teach French’.

The Teacher Learns

After her first son started preschool, Diane began volunteer teaching in his classroom (Diane is also a professional singer/songwriter). Sitting in circle with all those young faces staring up at her, she quickly discovered how terrific music functions as a teaching tool. Before long, all the kids were singing along to songs she was making up almost off the top of her head (at least in the beginning)!

They were remembering the words!

Seeing how easily the children were picking up the lessons, Diane began customizing her songs so they could “act out” what they were singing about. Other songs worked great with props and colorful visual aids. Diane “tested” them out with kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders, and found out for a fact these CDs work!

The Joy of Language Learning

“I just adore language. It’s communication, culture, and creativity rolled into one. I think it’s a gift we give our children when we can expose them to more than one language. My goal in creating Simple Songs is to make this process fun and simple for parents and teachers alike.

So what do we know? Learning with music is no doubt the simplest and most enjoyable way for youngsters to learn. And remember, you don’t have to be fluent in a second language for your kids to reap the benefits of second language exposure. Just press play, open your mouth, and have fun!!

Our Goal

To create quality language learning materials in an immersion style that are playful, engaging, and easy to use, and support a child’s developing brain and natural language learning ability while kindling his/her innate curiosity about the world we live in.

James Ducey – Music Director 

If you want to make music fun, ya gotta have fun. And when I hear children singing in French at the top of their lungs about the months of the year or a jungle full of animals, grinning from ear to ear, I know we’ve captured the glee that makes Simple Songs unique.


Parent Testimonials:

“Madame Ducey, The CD has been great. My daughter has learned so much. Please keep it up.”
– J. Darcey

“My kids love to listen to the CD. We still listen to it today.”
– A.M. Buzzelin

Teacher Testimonials:

“The songs are lively and enjoyable – and the repetition within each song is great!… Your activity book is well laid out and appealing. The little mazes and other games are a nice addition. Any teacher would be able to use the CD and booklet together to teach his/her students the concepts you’ve included. And, you can pick your pleasure and start anywhere!”
– Phyllis N., New York

“… I myself and all my students absolutely love your marvelous method. They learn so well with it, and they walk out of class singing it. They’ve often told me that it’s very catchy. What I like is that they are useful subjects that are very well presented, the music is very pleasant and the workbook is very thorough. I’ve been looking for an appropriate method for a long time, and this is really the best…. a chez d’oeuvre.”
– Carole B., Colorado