* Simple Songs *

Lyrics easy to understand and repeat!

‘Simple Songs That Teach French-Vol. 2’ ramps up the fun with twenty-four new, mostly original tunes that use clear pronunciation, repetition, and catchy music to teach basic French. Because the lyrics are so clear, kids start repeating them quickly and naturally. At the same time, the songs can be acted out or used with props, which enhances the material. When children feel and see what they are saying, they learn the names of familiar objects and everyday phrases more easily. But they think it’s just play! Plenty of topics are covered—continents, fruit, insects, clothing, directions, etc—all set to great music ranging from rock n roll to classical to goofy. Simple Songs has proven itself a terrific teaching resource, and is great whether at home, in the car, or in the classroom!


* Simple Songs *

Interactive, great with props!

Simple Songs That Teach French    Two-Pack * Immersion-Style

Why is Simple Songs so special? 

The lyrics!

          The words are clear and easy to repeat, and you’ll feel like you’re really speaking the language.

The topics!

      Learn common phrases right away and begin naming objects.

The Activity Book!

         The SSTTF Activity Book contains simple written exercises designed to reinforce every song.


If you’re looking to get your French on, now’s the time to give Simple Songs a try! It’s a terrific singalong CD set you’ll come back to again and again for language learning fun.