‘Simple Songs That Teach French – Vol. 2’ ramps up the fun with 24 new original French songs in a wide range of musical styles that will have your kids moving as well as singing! How about some rock n roll days of the week? Or a blues tune where you count to 20, then 100 by tens? Or maybe a little classical music as you talk about things you like and don’t like? Because it’s so playful, this CD is sure to be a hit at home, in the car, or in a classroom setting.

What makes Simple Songs so special?

The lyrics!

Every original song is packed with vocabulary, grammar, and idiomatic expressions commonly used in everyday life, so that you feel like you’re really learning some French.

The topics!

All your favorites like family, clothes, directions, continents, the classroom, insects, doctor, vegetables, and much more. 

The Activity Book!

An optional resource presented in an immersion style that’s easy to follow full of engaging written exercises especially  designed to support the songs.

The Music

 This CD taps a wide range of musical styles that are so playful and catchy, you can’t help but learn the words!

Hmm… if you think about it, everything about Simple Songs is special.

So if you’re looking to get your French on, try these terrific singalong CDs,  the resource you’ll come back to again and again for language learning fun!