If you’ve enjoyed Simple Songs That Teach French, why not ramp up the learning fun with ‘Simple Songs That Teach French-Vol. 2’? This sing-a-long CD contains 24 new, mostly original songs in all kinds of musical styles, guaranteed to get your kids listening, smiling, and singing in French. How about a rock n roll tune riffing on the seasons? Or a blues tune where you count to 100? Or perhaps a little classical number, complete with harpsichord, that lets you talk about things you like and don’t like? Goofy and engaging, this CD is sure to be a hit with kids young and young at heart. Best at home, in the car, and in a classroom! 


Why is Simple Songs so special? 

The lyrics!

Packed with vocabulary, grammar, and idiomatic expressions common to everyday life, the songs make you feel like you’re really learning some French.

The topics!

 It gets exciting when you can actually start  naming things like members of your family, the clothes you wear, the fruit you eat, the names of continents, and more!

The Activity Book!

Charmingly interactive, the SSTTF Activity Book is full of simple written exercises especially designed to support each song’s content.


If you’re looking to get your French on, now’s the time to give Simple Songs a try! It’s a terrific singalong CD set you’ll come back to again and again for language learning fun.