‘Simple Songs That Teach French’ and ‘Simple Songs That Teach French Vol. 2’  Activity Books are a fantastic compliment to the music CDs! I designed them specifically to go with the songs. They contain key words, pictures, and written exercises that relate to every song, so the whole experience of learning becomes simple, effortless fun. These interactive books are also quite easy to navigate.

Simple Songs: A Bridge

When I started down the road to helping my sons learn some French, I had no idea it could be so much fun. Or so challenging. See, songs sung by native speakers can sound like… well, like a foreign language. 🙂 Even for little ones. That’s why I wrote Simple Songs. I wanted to create music that wasn’t intimidating and that would help make learning the language just a little bit easier for both children and adults.

Why Activity Books?

Simple Songs Activity Book excerpt Singing is great, but singing and seeing is even better! To see the words, write them, these activities greatly enhance language learning. But finding good material was hard. I think I found only one language workbook that truly engaged my son. So I watched how he interacted with it then created my own interactive version using my own content. I went with an immersion format because I believe it’s more effective.

Hearing, Seeing, Touching, Learning

Simple Songs Activity Book page excerpt

Your child will be excited to explore all the different exercises in these books. There’s coloring, matching, mazes, and fill-in-the-blanks. To them, it’s just play. But we know that these simple writing tasks are actually helping spark their natural curiosity, strengthening fine motor skills, and reinforcing the song content.

Simple Songs Activity Book excerptAnd the activity books themselves? Printed in full color on quality paper, they are beautiful to look at and handle. Of course, all song lyrics and translations are included.

I loved making these activity books! They’re a great supplement to the CDs.

Due to high demand, there are only a limited amount of CD/Activity Book Packs available. So order now!

Simple Songs That Teach French CD and Booklet

Simple Songs That Teach French CD and Activity Book

This package includes CD Vol 1 (see home page for list of song topics) and its own activity book with simple written exercises that reinforce each song’s content. Immersion-style.

Simple Songs That Teach French,

                                            Volume 2 CD and Activity Book

This package contains the 24 song CD (see home page) and its complimentary activity book, full of charmingly simple written exercises to help reinforce song content.