Simple Songs That Teach French Music CDs:

* Introduce basic French expressions and vocabulary to kids!

* Lyrics are easy to understand and repeat!

* Different musical styles keep kids engaged and listening!

* Great with props and visual aids, making lessons fun for teacher and student!


“The Seasons” is a charming tune that lets children act out the different types of weather that happen in each season.

“On the Bridge of Avignon” is one of several  French nursery rhyme classics we do that lets children once again act out the song as they sing it.

“The Animal Song” is a favorite with kids and adults, introducing eight different animals and the sounds they make. Great with stuffed animal props too!

Listen - Simple Songs That Teach French Volume 2

“Where do you live? has a cleverly performed rhythm section; all one voice. Kids will be smiling as they act out parts of the song!

“The Continents” teaches the names of all the continents children might one day want to visit. Playful and upbeat!

“The Fruit Song” lists popular fruits, but add the groovy music and… who knew naming fruit could be so much fun. Great with props!

Simple Songs That Teach French CD 2-Pack

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