Have you ever wanted to learn another language but the words got in the way?

‘Simple Songs That Teach French’ — is the best French music for kids! Wanna know why? Because, simply put, the songs make learning French simple and fun!

Did you ever try singing along to a French tune sung by a native speaker? It can be challenging, right? Too often, the words run together in a kind of romantic blur. Even classic nursery rhymes can sound…well, foreign. That’s why Simple Songs work. Because they are simple! They teach beginners to hear and speak words and phrases that might otherwise feel incomprehensible when performed by a native speaker.

Written by an American mom/singer/songwriter who lived and studied in France, these songs could be called language stepping stones. They are especially fun for young learners, but adults can enjoy them too. The catchy lyrics are clear and easy to understand, so repeating and remembering them becomes simple fun. In addition, the different styles of music grab kids’ attention while keeping them engaged and focused. Some topics covered on this CD include Hello and Goodbye, Days of the Week, Seasons, Animals, Vegetables, Sports, and much more. Lyrics and translations are provided on a separate sheet. So whether you’re at home, in the car, or in the classroom, Simple Songs That Teach French are a great resource for learning French!

Workbook is designed to support song content:

* matching

* fill-in-the-blank

* coloring

* mazes