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“Bienvenue! Je m’appelle Jean Claude.

Je suis le rat français le plus ‘kool’ du monde et ja’dore les Simple Songs. Eh ben, voilà!”

‘SIMPLE SONGS THAT TEACH FRENCH’ are great for helping kids learn French! 18 original songs (plus 2 traditional) have catchy lyrics that are simple and easy to understand, and are presented in a variety of musical styles that make listeners want to dance and sing along! Each song contains grammar, vocabulary, and simple, useful phrases from everyday life, covering topics like Hello and Goodbye, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Numbers 1 thru 20, Colors, What is it (Parts of the Body), Seasons, The Animal Song, What time is it, and much more! All lyrics and translations are included. Created by a professional singer/songwriter/teacher/mom, Simple Songs supports that “window of opportunity” every child has for learning language. And adults love them too! (videos and sound clips)

Fun * Original * Immersion-Style Format

SIMPLE SONGS THAT TEACH FRENCH VOL. 2′ — Could this CD possibly be more fun than the first? Mais oui! 24 new songs offer goofy, endearing ditties especially designed to help kids learn basic French! Say your name while singing along to La Chanson Des Noms (The Name Song). Or point out what everyone’s wearing during La Mode (Fashion). Practice naming Les Continents or tell Le Docteur how you’re feeling. Or maybe you just need directions to the train station. Other topics include fruit, vegetables, family, where you live (Où Habitez-Vous?), insects, and much more! Act them out, use a prop or two, or create your own visual aids to help reinforce the lessons. Or just sing along. Because Simple Songs That Teach French really is the best music for helping kids (and adults) learn French! (videos and sound clips)

“Educationally engaging, dynamic and enchanting. It is magical to watch the children learn French through music. The interactive workbook helps to reinforce learning in a fun and interesting way. It is stimulating and enjoyable. This CD/Activity Book have become an essential part of our language curriculum. Top notch!” 

B. Belknap, Montessori Teacher, NY

Simple Songs That Teach French CD 2-Pack

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