Simple Songs That Teach French!

Cute, catchy songs that are educational too!

A delightful series of immersion-style sing-a-long CDs and optional activity books that playfully introduce basic French vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic expressions to children from birth to age 12.

La Chanson des Animaux

Listen to a sample song!

Simple Songs Cover


The first volume in the series, contains original songs (plus a few traditional ones) covering a variety of topics typically taught in the first year of language learning such as the alphabet, days of the week, etc. (more info and sound clips)

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Simple Songs Vol, 2 cover


The follow up to the original, gently taking the material to a more advanced level by revisiting several topics from the first CD while introducing an exciting new array of topics such as family, directions, the continents, etc. (more info and sound clips)

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Free Sample Song!

Download the song “Bonjour” by clicking here. (Right click and choose “Save As..” to save the file to your computer)

Fun-Filled Activity Books Available For Each Album

Each volume has its own optional activity book that contains all lyrics and translations and uses simple, fun writing activities like fill-ins, mazes, matching and coloring to explore and support each song’s content. These fantastic resources can be found at

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“Simple Songs That Teach French” is a terrific educational resource you’ll come back to again and again for language learning fun!


What Everyone is Saying About Simple Songs

“Educationally engaging, dynamic and enchanting. It is magical to watch the children learn French through music. The interactive workbook helps to reinforce learning in a fun and interesting way. It is stimulating and enjoyable. This CD/Activity Book have become an essential part of our language curriculum. Top notch!” B. Belknap, Montessori Teacher, NY


“The Simple Songs That Teach French CD and Activity Book provide an engaging, fun, and painless basic immersion program for beginning learners of French…… My children immediately enjoyed the music and thought it was fun to hear some familiar tunes in a different language. They often request to listen to the CD……It truly is an immersion program wherein children can have fun while developing an “ear” for the French language…. Simple Songs That Teach French is a great addition [to language curricula] in that it provides exposure and learning in another language but requires minimal time and no preparation. The kids regard it as simple fun.” Review by Nancy Casari Dayton, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine


“I purchased (the songs) for myself as well as my students. I love your songs and love using them in class. Merci!” Jenny P., SC


“Wow!… song.” Caleb (2nd Grader)